Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pine Lily

I recently finished a new design called a Pine Lily. Real, wild pine lilies grow in wet pine savannas in the southeastern United States. This flower is made using French beaded flower techniques and is created from glass beads, crystals, artistic wire, and floral tape. It stands about 24 in tall and the flower is 8 in wide.

Beaded Pine Lily

Real Pine Lily in a savanna

Wedding Necklace

Paul and I finally tied the knot on August 11, 2007 in Franklin, WV where I grew up. This is the necklace I wore. It wasn't meant to be my wedding necklace, but it ended up being quite perfect!

Clasp Detail

Paul and I at the church just after we were married.

3 Circles Necklace

The 3 Circles Necklace is made entirely from glass beads, crystals, and nylon floss with sterling silver finishings. It sits at the collar bone and the length of the 3 beaded graduated circles is 3.5 inches. This necklace looks fabulous with "V" or plunging necklines!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wedding Jewelry

A beautiful bride wore one of my mandala necklaces on her wedding day! Below is a photo of her and her new husband, Allison and Jake Walker and a close up of the necklace. I’ve decided to call this particular design, Allison’s Mandala (seems appropriate!).

I’ve included another design that would be great for wedding jewelry called the Webwork Necklace and in particular the “Water and Pearls Webwork Necklace”. This necklace is presently for sale at The Art House in Ocean Springs and is featured this month in the Mississippi Gulf Coast's Observer.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mandala Necklaces

These are some necklaces I made for a new gallery called Fort Bayou Pottery & Gifts that has opened here in Ocean Springs, MS. It's owned by Kelly Nitz.