Saturday, January 30, 2010

VERY Belated Update

I have been very delinquent about posting to say the least!!!!! : ) Many things have happened in the last 2 years. The first and foremost is that my husband finished his graduate degree. Yipee! That pretty much took up the majority of our lives for 2008. I became the chief cook and bottle washer in addition to everything else while he basically lived at his laboratory. I still continued to work on bead projects whenever I had a spare moment. Everything finally fell into place and he graduated in December of 2008.  Happy Days!!

Paul doing what he likes best
In 2009 we managed to get our feet back on the ground and finally got to pursue our lives for the first time without one of us being in school. I started doing more beadwork and experimented more extensively with different types of techniques and materials. I got my work into a small Ocean Springs gallery called Theresa’s Gallery. The other major projects I undertook were to make wedding  jewelery  for my friend Sarah (photos to come in a later post) and a french beaded flower wedding bouquet for my friend Jessica. It took me months of work to make the bouquet, but turned out fabulously! It has coral/orange lilies, blue delphinium and white crocosmia. Her wedding was in September of 2009.

Jessica and Tim

 Jessica and Allison
Now the biggest news that I have is that I’ve started an Etsy shop: Silver Perch Designs! I just got it going this week and am extremely excited to try this venue as an outlet for my creations.  I hope to be more diligent about posting and am going to try very hard to do at least one new one every week!