Monday, September 13, 2010


Here are some photos of our adventures from Labor Day weekend when my husband and I went to Horn Island with some friends on their fabulous boat.

West end of Horn Island, MS

My friend and I relaxing : ) !

Paul and a juvenile shark he caught on hook and line just off the beach.  We let it go.

Close up of Paul's micro shark - a juvenile spinner, I believe.

Upon closer inspection, Horn Island isn't as pristine as it appears. 
All of those black dots and patches are nasty tar balls.  It never ends....................

End of a perfect day  - Sunset on Graveline Bayou by the boat launch.

This last weekend we did much more productive stuff that was a bit less fun-- yard work!  The exciting part of that was that my husband started building us a chicken coop!!  We're going to keep 4-5 chickens for our own supply of tasty fresh eggs : )  We've only gotten the footers laid at the moment but hopefully there will be more progress soon.

Laying the footers.

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